Thanksgiving 2018 – not the same as previous years

This past year has thrown some major shit balls my way.

I watched my dad battle a disease that he unfortunately had no chance of winning. I felt sadness like never before when I lost my dad, some days  I am so sad it was almost impossible to get out of bed, I liked a guy who showed me what love isn’t and then I fell in love with someone who showed me what love is, and to top it off I have never felt so lost in my life. Talk about mid-life crisis.

However with all the shit balls coming at me, and let me tell you some of them were legit shit; I have never been more thankful for what I do have in my life.

  1. I had an amazing dad. Like AMAZING, and I was lucky enough to have his love for 25 years.
  2. I have such a strong mom – even though sometimes I wanna knock her out. I wish to be half the person she is.
  3. My friends are and have been there for me every step of the way. Seriously love these people in my life, its ludicrous.
  4. I have a couple great jobs, that I truly love and enjoy.
  5. I met a boy, and not only did he stand by me in a time I needed it most but he taught me how to love myself. And that alone was worth the beautiful heartbreak it led to.

Obviously life isn’t always going to be an amazing party – or better yet, perfect like we often see on social media. Even my account wont show you the days I feel like an absolute bag of shit, or the days I’ve cried so hard my eyes are swollen. But on those days I try and think about what I am thankful for and what I do have to be thankful for, and right now its this list.

Right now, even though the shit balls are still flying at me; I have so much to be thankful for.

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