2018: What I’ve Learned

2018 we’ve been through a lot. If I can take anything away from this crazy, heartbreaking, and yet somehow amazing year this would be my list…

  1. Life can be a real bitch, and in fact is unfair.
  2. Your life can and will change whether you want it to or not. It is your job to pick your priorities and where you focus your energy – remember happiness is key
  3. If you have a strong, amazing group of family and friends in your life, you’re winning. I am lucky enough to have both.
  4. When you fall down – someone will be there to help you up. Usually the people you least expect. Thank you.
  5. Cancer f*cking sucks.
  6.  Just be nice to people. It’s really quite simple.
  7.  Thinking about the people you miss helps, but crying in public is okay too
  8. Live your life with intention. Whatever you want that to be. Make it meaningful, make it real.

2018 you kicked me in the ass, but I would kill to start you all over.
2019 please be kind 💕

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